Defensive awareness and tactical behavior
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Defensive Awareness

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In today's unpredictable environment, it is quite common to feel out of control. The Economy, threat of terrorism and an increase in crime have contributed to a sense of insecurity among so many people. Having an increased sense of situational awareness and excercising tactical behavior is a step towards increased personal security, "Defensive Awareness" is designed to empower everyone, regardless of physical condition or age, to be mentally prepared and to have the ability to react in all situations. Everyone has this ability, we have learned to suppress our instincts over time.

What is defensive awareness?

Imagine you are in the market for a new car, nothing seems to jump out at you while you are on the road. Eventually you pick a style, type and design. As an example you decide to buy a small SUV, The Honda Pilot. No sooner then you made this decision, almost everywhere you drive, every road every parking lot on almost every street suddenly as if a switch was thrown, you see the Honda Pilot, Everywhere you see the car of your choice. Our minds work in this way with almost everything, we get tuned into a familiar idea and suddenly we are aware of its presence, no matter what the subject or object. Defensive Awareness, works in a similar way, everywhere where there are people, there are situations, most of it is a blur to us, we have difficulty distinguishing potential problems or dangers until it is sometimes too late. We will tune your senses, sharpen them just a little, you will become aware of what's around you much in the same way that most people become aware of a car that they are heading out to purchase. While a new car is important, your personal well being and those of your loved ones, friends and associates are of paramount importance. This is a big step to becoming pro-active and avoiding the ever increasing possibilities of becoming a victim. Take this course and regain that confidence that is your own.